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Our mentors are a vital component to keeping our youth safe and focused. We take our counseling component very seriously. We know that each boy represents a family and each family represents a community.  It is important that they have a safe passageway through their journeys and our commitment to get them through is second to none.

  • Dropout Prevention

  • Peer Pressure

  • Gang Involvement

  • Drug and Alcohol Use

  • Defiance Towards Authority

  • Bullying

  • Academic Achievement

  • Mental Focus Problems

  • Home Problems

Charles Johnson

Head Program Mentor

Pinpoint Consulting Group

charles (3).jpg

Charles has worked as a mentor at various school districts to help with conflict resolutions, parent initiatives and community involvement. He is an active community leader who has been the voice for anti-gang, youth homelessness and drug and alcohol abuse. 


He has worked hand in hand with city officials making sure that the voices of youth can be heard. He has been involved in curbing gun violence as well as neighborhood watch committees. 

Charles has also been an adult mentor in dealing with domestic violence and spousal support.  He has been an advocate for the safety of youth for over 15 years and takes a serious approach to saving them and families they represent.

Nikita Griffin

Criminal Justice/Psychology

Morris College 

nakita (2).jpg

Nikita began his desire to mentor while he was a student in college. He was a member of the Morris College Male Mentor program that reached out to youth in the community to serve as a role model for them to follow.  He understands the plight of youth and what it takes to get them back on the right track. He was responsible for coaching Little League football for 3 years. 


He lives by the principles of hard work and determination and passes those to youth he may come in contact with. As an entrepreneur he is in full agreement of teaching youth how to own their own businesses and being independent.

Rev. Willie R. Baker

Willie (2).jpg

Mr. Baker is  pastor who has an immense love and appreciation for male youth.  He has worked in the area of Rehabilitation and Reform giving second chances for those caught up in the penal system.  He is an active community leader and activist for the rights of poor and unfortunate citizens.  He has spent his life working for youth and young adult programs.  He has been involved with anger management programs on the college level and has used techniques to reach young male youth as well.  he believes that all youth deserve to be heard and a second chance.

Talib G. Gusby

Art Education

Lincoln University 

talib (2).jpg

Talib has worked with male youth for several years in the capacities of a teacher’s aide, summer youth programmer, College Summer Bridge camp leader, conflict resolution youth advisor, Boy Scout youth advisor, and YMCA swim instructor.


He works with parents to understand the needs of youth to positively function within the home and with teachers in the school environment.  Talib believes in hard work and teaching youth how to finish what they start.

Togai G. McCauley


Lincoln University

Togai (2).jpg

Togai works in the area of sales.  He has worked with youth in the capacity as a coach for youth sports.  He has managed summer sports camps and campaigns towards getting young boys involved in competitive sports. He as a college athlete understood principles he learned in making right decisions and delivering dignity and respect to all.  His company ELITE Sports has been instrumental for hosting summer football camps and Back To School giveaways.

Mr. Ryacus Dean

Education Administrator

Morris College


Ryacus Dean, graduated from Morris College with a Bachelor of Education degree in Elementary Education and a Master’s degree in Education Administration from Cambridge College . Mr. Dean has been blessed to work in education for the past 17 years.  Mr. Dean currently serves as the School Leader for Palmetto Unified School District at Broad River Correctional Facility.


 He believes that a collaborative partnership is essential to provide male youth with the support needed to become Premier students. Mr. Dean is ready to assist your student in any way possible to ensure that his success is achieved. "I am appreciative and would like to graciously thank you all for affording me the opportunity to take part in the lives of your most precious gifts .".........Let's Learn!!

Delrio Chesteen

Criminal Justice

Morris College

delrio picture (2).jpg

Delrio Chesteen graduated from Morris College with a Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice and a Masters in Human Services from Capella University. Mr. Chesteen has been fortunate to work within the human service community from being Counselor with in mental health programs to Regional Coordinator of Children Services with the Governor’s office. Mr. Chesteen currently serves as Community Support Coordinator and Employment Developer.


“In 20 years of serving the community working with young males has been something that I really enjoy. To address their growing pains and help empower them to take control of their young lives despite its hurdles. “ Mr. Chesteen is also ready to help them to understand that they can achieve whatever they want, by not just telling them that but also being an example. Mr. Chesteen realizes that actions will far outweigh his words. Once they understand that our fears are not real and that only place it exists is in our thoughts of the future, it is a product of our imagination causing us to fear things that do not at present and may not ever exist, fear is a choice

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