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About Us

Welcome to Education Prescriptions, a virtual education company working with students in grades K-12, emphasizing students with Autism. We are the creator of the successful Autistic Learning System. We teach skills that result in student transitions to the world of work, better self-esteem, and self-confidence. We believe our children can learn and become viable citizens within the community.

About The Program:-

  • We utilize 67 manipulatives to ensure learning across the subject levels.

  • We deliver individual and small-group tutoring.

  • We create virtual classroom communities.

  • We support and advocate self-care for parents.

  • We train teachers to deliver skills toward learning success.

  • We assess students and build skills toward progression.


Contact us-
Telephone/office: (843) 369-0600
Cell: (816)217-7497

Our Mission

"We Will Leave No Student Behind."

 We believe that every student has the right to learn to their best potential. It is our mission to equip students with the tools and mindsets to achieve to the best of the abilities any and all challenges that they may face.

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