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Educational Prescriptions Services Assistance

  • Counseling

  • College Applications

  • Job Applications

  • Student Loans Paperwork

  • High School to College Advisement

  • College Advisement

  • High School Career Advisement

  • College Advisement (Selecting a Major)

Our Lessons​:


Our teachers are highly qualified and seasoned to teach students in diverse academic situations. Being virtual has its challenges but we go beyond the basics in making sure students learn and feel good about it at the same.  We believe in starting with the basics and building good foundations.  Our specialties rest in teaching in two strong areas, English Language Arts (reading, writing, vocabulary) and Mathematics.  We have teachers who can teach college level subjects as well as elementary basics.  Students get a chance to read aloud and work out problems until solved with one-on-one attention.  We build self-confidence and self-esteem into every lesson and every encounter because it is the foundation to learning.

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