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We specialize in serving special students with academic challenges.  Our academic learning kit is comprised of  items to teach students skills who have autism or a learning challenge.  This learning kit can be an important learning tool at home or in the classroom.  It is jammed packed with 18 manipulatives for students to use to achieve goals.  The lesson plans are easy to read and understand. At home parents can be guided in helping students get involved with activities suited to their level ability. At school, teachers can incorporate the lesson plans with their teaching objectives and IEP preparations. 

Each kit is accompanied with an instruction manual that provides lessons, item descriptions, and a skills list.  The skills in the kit include the following: matching / color patterns and lacing/ sorting / letter recognition / number recognition / sorting shapes / counting sticks / left to right placements / and much more. 


Level 1 Kit - $350 plus shipping & handling of $14.95 

Students are at the beginning level of learning how to sit and attend during a lesson. They are taught the beginning introduction to letters, sounds, shapes, colors and numbers. Students become familiar with beginning a lesson and ending it. A student’s attention span may be very limited as well as the ability to comprehend. With time and consistency, lessons are learned and self confidence is built. Lessons are colorful and can be manipulated easily.

Level 2 Kit - $350 plus shipping & handling of $14.95 

In this kit students perform on a higher comprehension level. They can recognize letters, numbers and communication through storytelling. They witness achievement easily and appreciate patterns and sequencing. They understand number sense, word meanings and relationships. They prove to be more independent with decision making and following directions.

Level 3 Kit - $350 plus shipping & handling of $14.95 

In this kit movement is promoted from school to post-school activities, such as postsecondary education, and includes vocational training, and competitive integrated employment. They practice social interactions that pertain to employment situations. They are familiarized with real life manipulatives of counting money, sequencing, putting things in order, dealing with emotions, survival signs, social etiquette, financial literacy, reading, writing and solving problems.













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