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Who We Are?


Education Prescriptions is a certified minority woman owned business.  We offer virtual education services to students grades K-12, Special Needs and College Students. 


We have the ability to:

  1. Raise students test scores

  2. Support families

  3. Offer programs to enhance self-esteem and self-confidence


Our Capabilities:


Teaching Certifications:

  • Elementary Education Certification

  • Middle School Certification

  • Secondary Certification

  • Special Education (cross category)


We Serve: (NAICS Codes)

  • Elementary/Secondary Schools

  • Junior Colleges / Colleges & Universities

  • Exam Prep

  • Vocational Rehabilitation Services

  • Education Support - Guidance

  • Parent Support Services

  • Male Youth Mentoring

Past Performance:

  1. Spartanburg County Schools

  2. Williamsburg County

  3. Hickman Mills School District

  4. Darlington County Schools

  5. Kansas City Public Schools

  6. Bowling Springs High School

  7. McCarthy Teszler School of Handicapped

  8. Horry County School District


Dr. Terita F. Gusby - CEO

1420 Leatherman Road,  Conway, SC 29527

Cell: (816) 217-7497


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